Beginners — Skiing & Riding in Gulmarg

Most people are not going to Gulmarg Ski Resort to learn how to ski on a 100 meter, 15 degree slope.

However, it is possible for a beginner to learn how to ski here and have some fun too. We can organize a ski or snowboard instructor for beginners.

Gulmarg Ski Resort: Surface Lifts on the Golf Course

There are 4 short surface lifts in Gulmarg. All of them are about 50 to 100 meters long and situated around the Golf course. The hills are not very high, and all of them have a pretty gentle slope incline.

There are no day passes for the surface lifts, but they are very inexpensive to use. If you book a trip including an instructor, lift passes will have to be puchase on location.

It is important to note that snowboarders are not allowed on the surface lifts. It caused derailment of the cable, and the Gulmarg Authorities decided that snowboarders had to walk up or hire a sled driver to pull them up…

Beginner Skiing in Gulmarg

The slopes on the Golf course are perfect for learners, beginners, and kids. The trails are groomed regularly, making it ideal for beginner skiers and riders to practice.

The place is very safe with no trees and no obstacles except Indian Tourists walking, skiing, and laughing.

I would not really recommend Gulmarg as a family destination. I think that if people decide to venture to Gulmarg to learn or ski as a beginner, they will surely have fun…And you can tell all your friends back home that you skied on the highest Golf course in the world -- sitting at 4,124 meters.

Hiring a Local Ski Instructor

We can organize a local ski or snowboard instructor. The level of instruction and the process will be different from what you would expect back in your country. If you need and wish to hire a guide, just contact us or send us a quick enquiry (left sidebar) and let us know. We will organize a ski or snowboard instructor for you.


Want to learn to Ski or Snowboard?

Gulmarg Snow School is regarded as one of the best ski and snowboard schools in India. Snow School programs offer up the best possible opportunity to improve skills and gain confidence. Discover the wonders of Gulmarg Ski Resort. We have certified and professional instructors to help you.