Gulmarg Resort – Gondola & Lift Tickets

To buy or book the ropeway/Gulmarg Gondola ticket online, please visit the Jammu & Kashmir Cable Car Corporation.

Purchasing a ski lift ticket at Gulmarg Ski Resort can be confusing for first-time travelers to India as the procedure is pretty different from European and North American ski resorts. Once you get a better understanding of the different types of Gulmarg ski ticket passes, you'll find it easier to Ski Gulmarg and you can avoid some unnecessary headaches.

Getting a ski lift ticket in Gulmarg is a different story

Gulmarg ski tickets are available in single lift tickets, daily passes, weekly passes, and season passes.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable Gulmarg ticket prices are compared to the high lift ticket costs of European and North American ski resorts. It's possible to ski for 500 Rupees for a single run from 2660 meters to 3980 meters. Prices are increasing every year.

Normally, skiers and snowboarders buy single tickets or a few single tickets. You need about 5 runs to get your money's worth when buying a day pass. After many seasons skiing Gulmarg, I would say that an average day is 4 runs - with most days skiing 3 runs.

It sounds very little but as it is a very big mountain and after the first run or first couple of runs, the bowls close to the gondola get tracked, so you have to venture a little farther and it takes time… Plus skiing at almost 4000 meters can get tiring. Their is only one Gondola going to the top. During high season, the lineup and get pretty long.

Since the 2012-2013 ski season, The Gulmarg Gondola Corporation introduced a new ticket and e tickets… The booth to buy the tickets is about 100 meters down the main road. You have to walk - exit the ski resort gate, buy tickets from whatever window they decide to sell them from and then come back to your skis and friends. 2014-2015 was different, they start selling Gulmarg lift passes in a small booth up hill to the looker's right of the base gondola building.

This is one reason we advise people to get a guide through us as the guide will deal with walking and buying the tickets. Lift passes and ski tickets are not included in our all-inclusive packages as it is too complicated to manage and it was a source of dissatisfaction in the past.
We do not recommend weekly passes as in Gulmarg you never know when the gondola will open and when a storm will roll in and make the gondola operation impossible.