Ski Guides and Skiing Gulmarg with a Guide

So you've made the decision to Ski India? A ski vacation at Gulmarg Ski Resort is a unique experience -- skiing in the Himalayas is like nothing you have ever skied at a Westernized resort. Gulmarg is an off-piste, backcountry mountain, and much of its terrain is not controlled.

Maybe it's always been your dream to Ski Kashmir. You spent a lot of time planning this trip and traveled far to get here…and now you want to maximize your ski time and have the best possible ski experience in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg Ski Guide – Hire a Guide

There are many guiding companies and independent guides in Gulmarg. Like most things in the world, you get what you pay for.

Based on our knowledge, there are about 25 good guides that we would trust in Gulmarg. They work for different companies - some with locally owned and managed companies, some with foreign managed companies and others are independent.

You can wait and hire a guide on location. Some "guide" may be at the bottom of the Gondola looking for clients. If you decide to go that route, make sure the guide your hire has the knowledge and expertise to lead you in avalanche terrain. Make sure he carries and know how to use the necessary safety equipment in case a group rescue is needed. Make sure you understand what you are getting into and what to expect. Talk about it with the guide you hire.

Why ski Gulmarg with a local Ski Guide?

The best way to ski or snowboard Gulmarg is with a qualified Gulmarg Powder Guide. Why?

  • A qualified Gulmarg Powder Guide knows the mountain like the back of their hand. They know how to access the secret spots and find the powder stashes. Don’t waste your time trying to find the best lines—a guide will take you straight to the best lines. They know the best runs with the longest vertical, and they know how to avoid those annoying run-outs, which can take hours to escape if you were on your own.
  • A guide will be able to access your skiing ability and take you to terrain that is the most suitable for your level.
  • Skiing with a guide gives you the best value for your money. Without a guide, you’ll be wandering around the mountain aimlessly. You will get more ski time in with a guide –and that means quality ski time.
  • A Gulmarg guide will give you direct access to the culture – you’ll learn more about the culture and get to know the local people that are really just like you…in search of powder and deep, fresh lines.
  • Gulmarg is an off-piste mountain that is not easy to navigate, and you could get lost easily. That won’t happen with a qualified Ski Guide.
  • A qualified Gulmarg Powder Guide is trained and has knowledge of safe travel techniques in avalanche terrain. They carry state-of-the art safety equipment with them. In case of an accident or avalanche, they are trained and experienced in Search and Rescue techniques.

Who We Work With: The Best Ski Guides in Gulmarg

We offer all-inclusive packages to Gulmarg Ski Resort and have partnered with several of the best Ski Guides in Gulmarg and Guiding Companies who we know will make your Gulmarg experience a lasting memory.

Ski Guides


Rs. 5000 per day

This is not a ski Instructor.

Skiing in the Himalayas is like nothing you have ever skied at a Westernized resort. Gulmarg is an off-piste, backcountry mountain. Much of its terrain is not controlled. Skiing Gulmarg with a local ski guide adds: safety, a direct contact with the culture and it makes you save time. They know the secret spots and were the snow is. Share